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Spousal Support

In the past, alimony was a very common part of most divorces. That’s because the husband traditionally worked and the wife stayed at home caring for the kids and doing the housekeeping. Therefore, a wife without a husband had no job skills and no means of generating an income.

For that reason, most husbands who left through divorce didn’t only have to pay child support to minor children, but also alimony. Even if there were never any children as a product of the marriage, he might have to financially support his ex-wife for the rest of her life, unless she remarried or came into the money of her own.

In more modern times, the man and the woman tended to both have jobs, from which they might have similar incomes, so this sort of support became unnecessary in most cases.

However, there are still marriages in which one partner (not necessarily the woman) stayed at home to care for the kids while the other spouse worked. This stay-at-home parent might have few job skills for today’s labor market as a result of that long gap in the resume. It can also happen that both spouses work, but one is paid at a much higher rate than the other. Again, it’s not always the male with higher pay. Whichever partner it is, that person can be at a real disadvantage in paying their bills or maintaining their lifestyles

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You don’t hear the word alimony used much anymore. It seems to have gone the way of house dresses and rotary dial phones.

However, it’s still an element of family law, and just as important as it ever was in some divorce cases, but under a different name. We call it spousal support now. Let’s step back and take a look at what spousal support is, how it’s changed over time, and what it might mean to your divorce case today.

The point is, alimony isn’t really lost in the past — only the name. If you’re going through a divorce and seek spousal support, or if your former partner is filing for this mode of financial assistance, you need to address the issue with a family law attorney at Blood Law as soon as possible.

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