Mediation, What It Means

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Mediation is a process where two conflicting parties agree to collaboratively consider alternatives to resolve their differences in a confidential and non-adversarial manner. The open communication between the parties is facilitated by a trained mediator. Mediation aims to:
Increase the available alternatives to dispute resolution
Address the concerns of each party
Reduce communication challenges facing the parties in a dispute
Provide a future conflict resolution model that has been tried and tested
There are five stages in the process of mediation.
1: Convening The Mediation: The mediator sets the ground rules and provides answers to questions from the parties, both parties and the mediator sign the mediation agreement.
2: Opening Session: Each party gives their point of view to the disagreement without counter accusations from the other party.
3: Communication: The mediator probes the parties to ensure enough information is available to enable decision making.  
4: The Negotiation: The mediator helps the parties identify possible solutions to their disagreements.
5: Closure: The mediator tries to help the disputing parties reach a mutually satisfying agreement The parties and the mediator enter the agreement in writing or terminate the discussion if none is forthcoming.  
The following are the benefits of mediation:
Rapid Settlements 
Mediation is an expedient way to solve disputes. There is no wasting of time waiting to be given a court date or adjournment of hearings which make a court case to drag.
Mutually Satisfactory Outcomes 
Parties to a dispute are more likely to embrace the solutions from a mediation process since they have their input.
Mediated settlements are capable of solving legal and extra-legal matters which are hard to be determined through a legal determination. Mediation is often used when addressing family law areas. If you are interested in mediation for your family law needs contact Blood Law today to schedule your consult.

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